by The Maledict

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"Dread is one of the most beautifully melancholy, multidimensional, and intricate albums to come out of the death metal scene in recent history, if not ever. It is a must buy album of 2016." - Bloodrock Media

"I have already added this album into my writing playlist and it may end up being one of my favorites of the year. Yes, it’s fucking fantastic and you need this album! 5/5" - Thy Demons Be Scribblin

"A great album, one that surpasses a lot of bands on the scene right now." - DemonsZone

"A lumbering brutal mechanism of sheer savagery. 10/10" - Taste of Khaos Magazine

"This is not for the casual listener. This is not for the faint of heart. This is the sort of music that takes a crowbar to your head, pries open your skull, and inundates your psyche with despair. Dread is the soundtrack to your emotional breakdown as bleak hopelessness dances a psychotic waltz with infernal rage. You have been warned." - 1340mag

"Dread is a solid slab of metal that is dark and disturbing in equal measures." - MetalBite

"Each track is a magnificent piece of modern death metal that prove the future of the genre is in very capable hands." - Metal Addicts



released December 15, 2015

Stuart Henry : : Lead guitar

Karl Freitag : : Drums

Stuart McCarthy : : Bass

Ian McLean : : Guitar and vocals

Band photography

Kate Edgcumbe
Guest vocals on track 5

Ian McLean
Design, art, programming, mix, master

Byron Dunbar
Additional artwork

Joel Taylor
Recording engineer for drums

All music and lyrics by Ian McLean
Produced by The Maledict

Drums recorded at Three Phase Studios in May and June of 2015




all rights reserved


The Maledict Mildura, Australia

Pron. "Mal-eh-dict".

Ian M - Guitar/vox
Karl F - Drums
Stuart H - Guitar
Stuart M - Bass

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Track Name: Tenebrae
Drink deep and savour with me, this glass of Autumn, so familiar. I’d pray with you if I ever believed a river of tears would make a difference. And you’ll drive into the night... I hardly knew you.

A question that I thought to ask, I spoke aloud only in shadow. And I’d see your lips heeding my cries, glimpsed from behind every window. And you’ll drive into the night, veins running with ichor, to cast aside this cloak of pain. Watched you leave, silent as always.

We part not to meet again. You will never hear these words. You have left us all forever and your answer, a mystery to me....

...would you forgive me?
Track Name: Fast Unto the End
Lead this wanderer across the ridges, at the edge of life, at the edge of time. Atop these brooding ancient towers, as the oceans boil the red to black. These halls are old as the earth itself, and with slow feet I do continue to lurch, the dim light to guide my way, past the eyes of the gracious dead. Sullen eyes turned skywards, longing and hopeful. Another step forward, another step less. In time all will perish, this flame extinguished; fulfil my promises and set me free.

Wind to remove my flesh. My corpse cast to the sea. Earth to devour my bones. Purging fire to erase me. A truth observed in stillness. A puzzle flowing through blood. Never the one most precious. Never the one to be mourned.

This husk is passing... from this tower I’ll fall... to greet with a thin smile, a welcome end to this all. A moment of joy, long as the day. Caught in the sliver, betwixt these two worlds.

Converge, emerging from between dark recesses. Tendrils entwine, rending my limbs, beasts of eldritch splendour. Sending cold shivers, nesting inside my ribcage. The only light seen behind my closed eyes... why are we here? What hope do we have? Through the gaping maw, here I come...

Full circle I have come now, holding a mirror to myself, to reflect all I said in vain to justify my current silence. I’m one of them, one of the cancer, feasting along with them, sifting through the filth. No longer running from this scene of perversion; bitterness my shield, self-irony my hammer...
Track Name: Frozen
There are times, when the mirror is the cruellest. Empty eyes staring back from the abyss, I’ve seen them. The rising bile, the surge of discontent. Turning my gaze to lost horizons, so far, that I sigh. Frozen in place, always looking back. With heaving breath, leaden feet are dragging...

The bite sets in, the breath of long Winter. The lingering kiss of cold death. Leaves suspended in still motion. Lessons ensconced in ice, driven to flesh.

Dreading, with every chapter. The aching joints that mock your every effort. One of many, in a city built of fear. In every sideways glance, salvation remains unseen.

Unseen. Piercing deeper. Tendrils of glass fusing body and soul in condemned union. The end eternal, the joyous days long past. Aspirations awry. Hope melting away. Leaves suspended in still motion. Lessons ensconced in ice, driven to flesh.

Yearning for the rush of flame. Timeless is the decay. Contorted, preserved, the world to forever be frozen...
Track Name: Column of Voracious Souls
Karma! Their impulsive hatred begets their dismal spawn. A creature fashioned of archaic violence. You stand condemned to perish in the black gruesome swirling procession - visceral tides that carry your fate.

This wretch who kneels before you; strike him down. Bathe in his screams and sing harmonies in the rapture of his anguish. Splitting open the skull. Indulge this lust so morbid. Separate the meat from bones and splay the bowels in repugnant exhibition.

You are human fucking waste. O, how you have stained me. Existing to bear the sum of all guilt and shame. Your gift is a burden, bloodstained words anathema on the face of a world decayed.

Death, the orgasm of life. Pain, the abysmal offering. Silence the prayers for reason, snuff out the flames of mercy. Invoke humiliation. Inflict this castration, make real this grand inversion of virtue and deliverance.

Vomitous human cancerous waste. Columns, chains of ragged skin. Diseased souls feasting on filth. Pining for the great slaughter.

Gut me... draw me... hang me on a column of voracious souls!
Track Name: A Muse in Requiem
This is my day of severing, of salvation in my yielding. Before lands drained of green, I set forth into the cold...

For I have spent half a lifetime asleep in the embrace of night. For her shadows they loved me, in dreams of her elusive light. The rapture they visit in darkness, belies truth that burns in the sun. Never closer than arms’ length... O, her shadows...

O, her shadows!

So I awoke, with eyes awash in silent white, to a flame that burned on defiant. And how could I blame them, for the apathy that I saw in their wake?

And I still did burn, over and over unto her fire. Nursed it along through my travels, through fields of pestilent dismay. Through the melting of my sinews, for her warmth, so distant and so frail...

To yet another man... to yet another muse in requiem...

And in her throes of dying, the Muse spoke unto me: “End this now, for only ever my shadows had any love for thee!”

So with this knife, I deign to cut all the life out of me. So with this knife, I deign to cut all the love out of me. This is my day of severing, of salvation in my yielding.

With a heart drained of hope, I set forth into the cold...
Track Name: Carrion Art
Awakened to the pain of a new existence. Strength renewed, my rage overflowing. The muzzle that bound this fury, loosened. Solitude and despair gives way to hatred.

The walls around crumbling to give way to the daylight of a living hell. My skin a tapestry of failures, plotting what marks the path to absolution, creating carrion art of the lifeless husks of those who vex me, becoming one with insanity...

In the years of youth, I sought an anchor to shackle my humanity in the face of a coming storm. Chaos, sanguine. Surrounded by faces of the simple, the selfish, the vain, the deceivers.

The beast within us hungers for carnage. For the gutters to flow over, liberated. With the truth only found in suffering, cathartic is the freedom: fear and power mixed to make carrion art of the lifeless husks of those who vex me. The only price, the lure of eternal sleep...

Marvel, recoil, lament, recycle. Carrion is the piece all life shall paint. The path to absolution carved in flesh, the map of all your follies. Marvel, recoil, lament, recycle. Obsidian is the shade to which we shall return.

Vae victis!

Carrion art is the marionette this world has made me. Fear and power, irreversibly corrupting me...
Track Name: In the Lips and Hearts
Small feet tread through frozen mud, breathing of rain and of smoke. The shaking fingers cry for comfort... pallid and fearful, yearning for solace.

And marching to the beats of fate, and to old hopes now long eroded. This child now grown, listless in solitude, stares down the night eternal...
Track Name: Deadened Eyes to the Horizon
Beneath the uncaring sky, your name departs my cracked lips. Blissful illusions pool at my feet as dreams spill from my body, like rubies they fall. In throes orgiastic, the chill winds carry the screams that are mine. Your shadows ravage me in my dreams. Your elusive charm torments me through the day.

The endless night left unto me the crisp morn, bearing a bounty of sorrows...

Truth is my blade and with it I vivisect. Peeling the skin I wear from bloodstained bone, revealing joyous fantasies, with trembling naked hands I reach in now and gently extract them. Unborn labours of my life’s passion, laden with crude, fleeting visions. Warm smiles, smooth skin. Blood spews forth and I behold your wretched form.

In the hard cold dirt I watch it die. And in unspeakable horror, I bask in triumph.

The severing complete... surely, perennial perdition shall follow; your shadows fade, and in mourning, I gaze upon your form, ultimately... I yearn for your grace, your beauty infinite. To kiss your hand, to kneel at your feet. Reaching out into the void one last time, for the unreachable, the prize of mine eyes, for my capricious goddess, for the cold, distant touch of a wraith...

Then with deadened eyes, my rotting frame carries me unto the horizon, the night’s dew rising. With your heavenly sighs, I exposed my soul. Henceforth I shall dream no more. In resignation I affix fresh layers of skin to my face, and return to the masquerade, to be judged and cast a fool.

Deadened eyes to the horizon. Crafting a laboured lie, I am one of grief, I am one of dread. Henceforth, I dream no more...

Henceforth, I dream no more...